How to keep kids active?


Keeping kids active

Are you looking for options to keep kids active in a good way? Try hiking. We all know,  Malayisa is filled with mountains, hills, and blessed with so many natural water falls.

Hiking helps us in many ways. Here are  a few ,

  • Being with nature
  • Interacting with fellow hikers
  • Valuing nature/earth
  • Breathing good air
  • Keeping fit
  • Finding the inner strength when it gets tough.

Most of all, a good way of spending time together, feeling connected by each others presence which this modern day technology world lacks. To me in this techno world  we are all  “Connected, But Alone!“.

My son Jayanth , 8 year old, who always wants to try his hand in whatever I am doing. So when I started my blog , he too wanted to write.

Here is his slice of sharing, “Hiking to Broga hills” in his own words.Of course not proud to say corrected by me…

Hiking to Broga hills!


Have you ever been to a hike?

Well, if you haven’t you should sign up to KL Hiking group  on!

Your first hike,  you should go to a place called Broga Hills. If you are a photographer you should definitely go there, early morning like 5 am to catch the sun rise. I know it is very difficult to wake up that early. But if you want to see beautiful sunrise you better wake up.

The gear you would need for this hiking, are a change of clothes, a cap, water, fruits, energy bars, torches and a hiking stick. I still remember my first hike to Broga Hill.

Broga Hill Hiking

Broga is cold in the morning and very hot during the noon-evening period. There are 2 special things about Bukit Broga.

There is not just one mountain but there are two. And I don’t recommend starters to do both. The 2nd mountain is called Gunung Tokwan.

While Bukit Broga is around 400 meters tall, Gunung Tokwan is 700 meters tall with many steep climbs both directions up and down. And Broga itself has 3 peaks to climb.

In my first experience to Broga, my father had forgotten to bring torches. Luckily, there were small shops selling hiking gear. So we bought few torches and started going up.

When we just started we were all feeling good, energetic and excited.

But gradually it became steeper and steeper and we  started feeling tired. At the peak of the first hill, we rested for 10 minutes. It is not good to rest too long, because when you sit down or stop for too long, your muscles and body get used to that and don’t want you to move. When we tried to go to the second peak it was HORRYFIYING!!!!!! But we knew, we did a mistake at the 1st peak by resting too long. So at the 2nd one we did not rest and we straight continued to the 3rd peak.It was getting really hot after that.

The view was beautiful which you can see from the pictures here.

We had taken about 2 hours to the 3rd peak and 1 and an half hour for our climbing down. It was an awesome experience for me.

I have been to Broga  now for  4 times…. What about you??

Article by Manju hariharan and co authored by Jayanth Hariharan.


6 thoughts on “How to keep kids active?

    1. Awesome experience and write up. 😉
      If you are planning for a regular easier walk, then maybe can check out Kota Damansara Community Forest, managed jointly by the community and local authority for the community.
      Planning to have teenagers trail guide. Spread the words around and start by nearby area.


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